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29 July 2006



HD Radio is a fraud and a farse - HD Radio/IBOC causes adjacent-channel interference and has only 60% the coverage of analog. HD radio sales are anemic, and the general public is not buying into this joke. HD radios need dipole and loop antennas mounted outside, to even have a chance to pick up the same old terrestrial radio junk on the HD channels.


I totally agree - HD Radio is DOA:


Paul Boswell

The central problem with HD radio is that the additional channels fuel the mania of broadcasters to be all things to all people and further fragment the already too small audiences for too many channels. As useless as billboards are, advertisers turn to them in desperation to reach a "mass" audience for the price of a single radio station buy. Do we really need 15 barely different rock formats in every market with robotic DJs on voice tracks recorded on the other side of the country? Less is more. We need to take most of these stations off the air, get the ad rates up and the spot count down, then pay talent a living wage to go out and cover their local market with quality programming. Communities really only need one "Full Service" station, targeted to adults, a popular music station, targeted to 12-25s and an all-news station. That's all local advertising can support.

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